Too Pooped to Party – Alicia Alighatti and Promise


Too Pooped to Party starring Alicia Alighatti and Promise
Alicia and Promise look incredible in their short party dresses and heels. First, their  party is crashed by an obsessed madman who plans to hold the girls captive. In the kitchen, Alicia is hit over the head and her limp body is dragged into the living room. Promise finds her and tries to awaken her only to be knocked out with a blow from the villains club. The girls are dragged to a couch and fondled. The psycho even dances with the girls limp bodies. Then, Promise awakens and is knocked out again with a vicious blow to the head. The intruder strips the hot little dresses off the girls hot little bodies and manipulates their limbs so that they feel each other up. When the girls wake up, naked and confused, they are struck again and knocked unconscious. Scene #KOB0092

20 minutes.¬† MP4 640×480

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