Students in Slavery – Alyssa Reece and Isobel Wren


Students in Slavery starring Alyssa Reece and Isobel Wren
Slave trader Jack calls his henchman – The Creep – and tells him he needs some nice cute girls to sell to his clients. The Creep lures college students Alyssa and Isobel to his house with promises of a scholarship. Once in the house, the girls find themselves locked in a small room. The Creeps voice is heard over a speaker. He tells the girls that they will be sold as sex slaves and orders them to gag and handcuff each other. Reluctantly, the terrified girls comply. The Creep comes in with some rope and finishes tying the girls securely. After physically intimidating them, he leaves them to struggle helplessly. The girls squirm on the bed, hop around and even use their socked feet to try to remove each others gags. Later, The Creep unties Alyssas hands and tells her to free her friend. Once untied, the girls are ordered to gag each other. Isobel is forced to stuff her panties into Alyssas mouth and then put a ballgag on her. Alyssa then has to do the same to her friend. Things get even more humiliating for the girls when they are told to strip naked and put on sexy lingerie, complete with garters and stockings. The girls are brought into the living room still ballgagged and with their wrists and elbows strapped. A camera is set up to do a webcast so that the girls can be shown off to Jacks worldwide clients. Jack and The Creep crudely describe the girls and show them off to the camera. Isobel is un-strapped and forced to fondle her friend. Then, both girls are released from their restraints, their bras are removed and they are forced to make out passionately in front of the camera. Someone purchases them and they are then marched through the backyard in their lingerie, bound and ballgagged to be brought to their new owner. 46 minutes. About 3 minutes of hot outtakes are included. Scene #BG0534
MP4 640×480. The photo set has 98 photos.

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