Stolen for Slavery – Ariel Anderssen



Stolen for Slavery starring Ariel Anderssen
Beautiful British model Ariel is brought into villainous Tim’s hideout. Looking hot in skirt, blouse, pantyhose and heels, Ariel’s hands are bound and she is gagged and blindfolded with shiny silver cloth. Ariel is bound to a chair with her legs apart and shakes from terror. Her blindfold is removed and she cringes as Tim gropes her tits. His creepy accomplice shows up and says he wants to try different gags on their pretty hostage. Ariel’s cloth gag is removed and replaced with a red ballgag. Then, a rubber gag is pulled over the ballgag. Tim removes that gag and replaces it with a strap gag. Ariel whimpers as she is groped some more. When that gag is removed, it is quickly replaced with cloth packing and an over mouth cloth gag. Tim strips off Ariel’s clothes, leaving her in just sheer pantyhose. After some more groping, Ariel is bound with hands over her head. A painful crotch rope is added and Ariel endure more fondling from both guys. Tim gets a call from a man who wants to buy Ariel. He negotiates with the guy while Ariel whimpers. She hangs her head hopelessly when they tell her that her new owner will pick her up soon. 33 minutes. About 3 minutes of excellent outtakes are included. Scene #BG0735

MP4 1280×680. The photo set has 83 photos.

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