Stay Down Tori – Tori Sinclair


Stay Down starring Tori Sinclair
Scantily clad superheroine Tori is investigating a villains dodgey den of danger when a lame special effect robs her of her superpowers. Dick Darkly appears and knocks her out with several vicious blows to the head. He drags her limp body away and places her on a table, where he strips and fondles her. She comes to, so he hits and chokes her back into unconsciousness, then resumes his dastardly exploration of her supple superheroine flesh. Amazingly, she comes to again, and this time the heinous henchman chloroforms her until she stops moving. Or so he thinks! The outtakes are awesome and feature multiple unused takes of knockouts (chloro and club) as well as more naked superheroine flesh! Includes outtakes! 17 minutes. Scene #SHKO0016
MP4 1280×720.

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