Stalking Ashley 2 – Ashley Lane



Stalking Ashley 2 starring Ashley Lane
Ashley gives an amazing performance in this dramatic scene! In Stalking Ashley 1, the gorgeous college girl was spied on in her home and repeatedly chloroformed and fondled by villainous Donovan. In this clip, Ashley tells a friend on the phone about how she kept blacking out but has no memory of what actually happened. While she talks, Donovan spies on her again! While Ashley gets ready for bed, the creepy intruder soaks a cloth in chloroform and sneaks up on her. He clasps the cloth over her face and Ashley struggles hard. But then, with some incredible eye rolling, she passes out in his arms. Donovan holds Ashley’s limp body up for a while, manipulating her. He carries her to the bed and strips her naked for some heavy groping. When Ashley awakens, he chloroforms her and continues playing with her. He dresses her in a very sexy bra and panty set. Ashley awakens and tries to stagger away. She walks all the way around the apartment. Donovan follows her, applying small doses of the cloth. Finally, he chloroforms her into unconsciousness and carries her to the bed. A few minutes of fun outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0664

21 minutes. MP4 is 1920×1080 (608mb)

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