Spy Club – Jolene Hexx and Janira Wolfe


Spy Club starring Jolene Hexx and Janira Wolfe
The girls look great in this fun clip! They’re going to the big Spy Christmas Party and they’re dressed in their hottest mini dresses. Jolene goes to use the restroom but instead searches Janira’s computer for secret information. Janira sneaks up on Jolene with a club and smacks her on the head. Jolene’s eyes roll back and she falls into her chair, totally limp. Janira searches Jolene and ends up stripping her down to her panties. When Jolene awakes, groggy and confused, she tries to stagger away. But Jolene uses the club again, sending Jolene to her knees. A second blow sends Jolene to the floor, limp. A couple of minutes of outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0641

The scene is 11 minutes. The MP4 is 1920×1080.

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