Sleepy and Silly – Samantha Ryan and Loren Chance


Sleepy and Silly starring Samantha Ryan and Loren Chance
Samantha gives an outrageously good performance in this goofy hit-on-the-head scene. Each time she gets hit, her eyes cross and she smiles and looks very silly before she passes out. Loren is a great villain as always. Sexy detective Samantha visits Loren to question her about a robbery at work. Loren sneaks up and hits Sam with a club, knocking her out. When Sam wakes up, she is hit again. After a bit of fondling, Loren strips off Sams dress. When Sam wakes up again, a karate chop sends her crashing to the floor. Loren fondles her some more and removes her bra. She places a heavy box over the door and when Sam awakens and staggers to the door, the box falls on her head knocking her out cold. After more groping, Sam awakens and tries to exit…but she hits herself with the door and passes out! This time, when she wakes up, Sam feels herself being groped and she moans with pleasure. She staggers into the kitchen where Loren strikes her multiple times. Finally, she passes out and Loren drags her away. In the bedroom, Loren fondles Sam’s breasts and then knocks herself out to avoid suspicion. When Sam awakens, Loren tells her that a criminal was in the house. Sam attempts to leave but, unbelievably, hits herself with the door and falls unconscious! A minute of outtakes are included with the scene. Scene #KOB0518 38 minutes. The photo set has 112 photos. MP4 1280×640

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