Slave Trade 3 – Sinn Sage, Anastasia, Mary Jane, Charlotte Stokely, more!


Slave Trade 3 Clips starring Sinn, Anastasia, Mary Jane, Allison, Jersey, Charlotte and Promise

In clip 1, recently escaped slave Sinn returns to the slave training compound for a bit of vigilante justice. Unfortunately, she is not stealthy enough to outwit Mr. Steele, who knocks her out by breaking a wine bottle over her head. In another room, Promise and Jersey are bound on a table with their tits and pussies totally exposed. Ryan and Robbie torment the naked slaves with a riding crops. The girls whimper and plead though their tight tape-gags. Recaptured slave Sinn is brought to Anastasia, who is eager for some painful retribution. Ryan and Robbie continue to torture and break Promise and Jersey, who are still bound to the table with their legs spread.  Sinn is bound naked to two kitchen chairs. Anastasia threatens and torments her with a lit cigarette and a long cigarette lighter. She threatens to burn Sinn’s nipples. Then she burns her toes and soles with the cruel implements, causing Sinn to writhe and squeal in excruciating agony.  Promise and Jersey are bound, ballgagged and groped by several of their captors. Mr. Steele beats the girls with a riding crop until their tender skin glows red and they do whatever he commands them to. In clip 2, Sinn is once more at the mercy of Anastasia. She is bound spread eagle on a table, and Anastasia abuses her helpless flesh with her hands and a riding crop. Former slave Mary Jane, who is now being trained as a slaver dominatrix, is enlisted to help Anastasia torture her wincing prey. The two cruel vixens look absolutely ravishing in their corsets as they brutalize Sinn’s sweet pink flesh! Then they blindfold her and lick her wounded body all over. It is an outrageously hot scene! MJ and Anastasia continue their erotic torment of Sinn’s luscious, young flesh. They lick her soft thighs and hard nipples until she is moaning in reluctant pleasure.  Mr. Steele begins his vulgar auction of the freshly broken slaves. He brings Jersey, Charlotte and Allison up on the block and parades the lusty virtues of their sexy bodies, perky tits, and juicy asses in front of the bidders. When he presents Sinn, she fights him like a caged wolverine and no one will buy her, she is then sent back to the compound for more torturous behavior modification. The girls who were sold at the auction are lewdly molested one more time by Ryan, who squeezes and sucks their delicious tits. In clip 3, in Anastasias lair, Sinn is subjected to the cruelest torture yet. She and Mary Jane cover Sinn’s squirming body in burning wax. Sinn pleads with MJ to let her go, but her plaintive cries fall on brainwashed ears. Ryan continues to molest the slaves who have been sold, shamelessly enjoying other mens expensive property one last time. Jerseys terror is deliciously convincing. Meanwhile, Anastasia has Sinn bound naked in a chair, blindfolded, and she threatens to really break her with a strap-on until Mary Jane knocks Anastasia out with a vicious blow to the head. Sinn and MJ take sadistic pleasure abusing and beating the tightly bound Anastasia with riding crops. Once they have finished with her, Sinn takes on the rest of the slavers. Is she triumphant, or does she fall prey to slavish captivity once again? You will have to watch to find out! The ending is spectacular! Scene #BG0163

MP4 640×480. Clip 1 is 24 minutes. Clip 2 is 31.5 minutes. Clip 3 is 24 minutes. The photo set has 269 photos.

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