Slave Trade 2 – Sinn Sage, Anastasia, Mary Jane, Charlotte Stokely, more!


Slave Trade 2 starring Sinn, Anastasia, Mary Jane, Alicia, Jersey, Charlotte, Promise and Allison
The cruel, inescapable, naked torture of seven succulent slaves continues in these action-packed clips! In clip 1, Sinn is bound in leather restraints. Like a bloodthristy black widow, dominatrix Anastasia forces reluctant slave Alicia to torture Sinn. Alicia spanks Sinn’s supple ass and tits, then she puts clamps on her sensitive nipples and slaps her tits some more. The forced torture continues. Alicia is instructed to hurt Sinn’s tender nipples and slap Sinn’s face. Next, Anastasia forces the two young hotties to make out in a very sensual manner. The girls fondle and lick each other and kiss on the mouth. It is incredibly hot!  Jersey, Allison and Promise are all bound leaning over a table, with their sweet asses and pussies sticking out and totally vulnerable. Robbie and Ryan strike them with riding crops until they start crying into their gags. Their naked bodies are abused until their asses are rosy red and burning. In clip 2, Anastasia binds Sinn and Alicia on the floor, face to face with their naked bodies intertwined. She gags them with cleaves and leaves them to struggle with their sexy bodies pressed together.  Mary Jane is tied nude between two chairs. Anastasia threatens and tortures her with a long, mean cigarette lighter and a lit cigarette. She burns the tender soles of MJ’s feet and menaces her nipples with both of the fiery implements. Then she forces Mary Jane to walk on her blistered soles.  Sinn and Alicia are bound in leather restraints with their hands over their heads. Anastasia beats them with a thick leather flogger, striking their sweet tits and asses until they writhe in pain. Then she puts clamps and clothespins on their nipples and strikes them all over with a thin, fierce cane. Just when they cant take anymore torture, she flogs them again!  Anastasia continues her sadistic ministrations. She flogs her two concubines, then removes the clips on their nipples with her mouth. Their nipples are sore and tender, so Anastasia can not resist flogging them fiercely! In clip 3, Jersey and Promise are tied spread eagle on lush, red satin sheets. They fight energetically against the bondage until Robbie comes in to molest their gorgeous flesh. He sucks and bites on their nipples and squeezes their delicious asses.  Sinn and Alicia are bound in kitchen chairs and gagged with tape. Alicia is informed she has been sold, so Anastasia and Mr. Steele package her up in a box for immediate shipment while Sinn watches in horror. When they carry Alicia out, Sinn manages to get her hands free. She strangles Anastasia into unconsciousness, ties her up, and gives her a bitter taste of her own painful medicine. She savagely whips Anastasia, squeezes her tits and then applies excruciating clamps to Anastasias tender nipples. Sinn’s vengeful fury is a magnificent thing to behold! She leaves Anastasia helplessly bound but Steele enters and frees her. Scene #BG0162

MP4 640×480. Clip 1 is 29 minutes. Clip 2 is 39 minutes. Clip 3 is 20 minutes. The photo set contains 230 photos.

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