Scene of the Crime – Charlie Laine, Sammie Rhodes and Sinn Sage


Scene of the Crime starring Charlie Laine, Sammie Rhodes and Sinn Sage
This intensely dramatic scene is shot like a true crime show on tv. The bondage footage is intercut with interviews in which the girls describe their ordeal. If you like hearing woman talking about being bound, this scene is for you! Charlie works at a jewelry store and two guys want her to help them rob the place. On the fateful night, Charlies roommate Sinn comes home first and is quickly grabbed, a gloved hand clasped over her mouth. She is securely bound. In spite of her pleading, a cloth is stuffed into her mouth and another cloth is tied over it. Sammie comes home next and meets the same fate. She begs just as hard but she also ends up gagged. When Charlie comes home, they grab, bind and gag her too. The three girls squirm and struggle on the bed, whimpering pathetically. Charlie is told that her friends will be harmed if she does not cooperate. To illustrate their point, one guy terrorizes the girls, threatening to torture the soles of their feet. Then, Charlie is taken away to assist in the heist. She is seen tied up in the back seat of a car. One guy cruelly fondles Sammie and Sinn, pushing his hands between their legs. At the store, Charlie is bound and gagged in a bathroom. One of the creeps fondles her as well. Back at the house, Sammie and Sinn are forced to strip naked. Charlie is brought back and is also stripped. The girls are bound and gagged on the floor with shiny tape. The thieves leave and the girls struggle like crazy. Suddenly, they discover that the house is on fire! Will they escape in time?! About 3 minutes of hot outtakes are included. 42 minutes. Scene #BG0533

MP4 640×480. The photo set has 125 photos.

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