Roped and Ravaged – Sinn Sage and Samantha Ryan


Roped and Ravaged starring Sinn Sage & Samantha Ryan
Sinn and Samantha give stunning, intense performances in this incredible, erotic knocked out/tied up scene/hardcore story. In clip 1, snobby rich girl Samantha goes to see her school friend Sinn. Sinn is low on cash and asks Samantha for a large loan. When Samantha refuses, Sinn soaks a cloth in chloroform. In an outrageous scene, Sinn pounces on Samantha and, after a fierce struggle, knocks her unconscious. Sinn takes a moment to fondle her limp victim. When Samantha awakens, she is horrified to find herself securely bound. She is even more horrified when Sinn gags her with packing and tape. Sinn cuts off Samanthas blouse, pulls off her skirt and cuts off her pantyhose. Sinn strips naked herself and makes out with the helpless Samantha. In clip 2, the humiliation continues as Samantha is forced to her knees and groped and tormented by Sinn. Samanthas gag is removed and she is made to lick Sinn’s hot pussy. Sinn screams in ecstasy as the humiliated Samantha brings her to an orgasm. Once satisfied, Sinn places the chloroform soaked cloth between her legs and pushes Samanthas face against the cloth! Samanthas eyes roll and she passes out. In clip 3, Samantha is naked and wakes up bound with her hands over her head. A cloth between her teeth silences her protests. Sinn, looking incredible in shiny black shorts, torments Samantha endlessly. She gropes her, squeezes her nipples and plays with her pussy. When she has had enough, she chloroforms her again while she is still gagged. Samantha awakens bound spread out on the bed. Sinn teases her for a while and then eats her luscious twat. Though completely helpless and humiliated, Samantha screams as she is brought to a thunderous orgasm by Sinn’s talented tongue. Sinn then cruelly soaks the cloth and knocks Samantha out. In clip 4, Samantha is not bound but she is so weak and so scared of her captor that she does not resist when Sinn applies a powerful vibrator to her clit. Samantha becomes very aroused but is horrified when Sinn puts on a strap on. Sinn fucks Samantha hard, bringing her to a screaming orgasm. Samantha is left on the bed with her hands tied but she quickly frees herself. Looking out into the living room, she sees the carefree Sinn masturbating. When Sinn comes back toward the bedroom, Samantha grabs her and clasps the chloroform cloth over her face. Sinn fights hard but eventually passes out. In clip 5, Sinn awakens bound to a large chair with her legs spread and tape plastered over her mouth. Samantha torments her, slapping her tits and pussy. Samantha presses the huge vibrator against the angry Sinn’s clit and brings her to an intense orgasm. Sinn is then chloroformed again. She awakens very weak and can not resist as Samantha fucks her doggy style with the strap on. Once again, Samantha knocks Sinn out with chloroform. When Sinn awakens this time, she is bound on the bed with her legs apart. The big vibrator is tied to her leg with the buzzing head pressed against her clit. Sinn screams with pleasure and anger and begs for mercy as Samantha leaves her there. This is one of our best scenes ever. Samantha and Sinn are excellent in the knock out/tie up scenes and are absolutely explosive in the girl/girl scenes. Scene #KOTI0157
The lengthy outtakes contain some great footage of the girls tied up, fucking and goofing around between shots. Outtakes 2 is footage from a second camera that was shooting through out the day, giving you lots of different angles on the action. 97 minutes. Clip 1 is 24 minutes, clip 2 is 15 minutes, clip 3 is 21 minutes, clip 4 is 17 minutes and clip 5 is 21 minutes. The Outtakes are 20 minutes and Outtakes 2 are 27 minutes. The photo set contains 368 photos.MP4 640×480

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