Posing the Reporter – Jolene Hexx



Posing the Reporter starring Jolene Hexx
Jolene gives a great performance as a news anchor who is frozen and posed by an obsessed photographer. Jolene likes controlling her own career and doesn’t do interviews of photo sessions. She finishes her nightly newscast and goes home where the photographer tries to take her photo. Jolene is enraged and tells him to leave. But, when he takes her photo, she is frozen like a mannequin and can’t move. The photographer drags her to the sofa, still frozen in her pose. He taunts Jolene as he undresses her and poses her in countless different positions. Jolene stares blankly ahead as he manipulates her body and takes photos. He plays with her face, contorting it into weird and goofy expressions. When he has all the pictures he wants, he taunts Jolene some more and leaves her there frozen in place. A couple of minutes of outtakes are included. 32 minutes. Scene #STR0145

HD MP4 1920×1080

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