Pin Up Models in Peril – Jewell Marceau and Mary Jane Green



Pin Up Models in Peril starring Jewell Marceau and Mary Jane Green.
The two stunning brunettes are tightly bound and gagged in two vignettes. First, the girls are in short skirts, garter stockings and heels. They’re bound back to back in an interesting position with MJ’s hands tied above her and Jewell’s hands tied around MJ’s body. Duct tape is wrapped around their faces and they struggle and whimper in distress. Next, the girls are in gorgeous black corsettes, garter hose and heels. Jewell is frogtied on the floor while Mary Jane is sitting on the arm of a chair, almost standing. Shiny black gags silence the girls whimpering. They struggle hard but it’s no use. Removing their shoes, they try to use their toes to untie each other. No story but it’s a hot scene, featuring excellent bondage by guest rigger Jon Woods! Scene #BG0772

MP4 1920×1080. The scene is 17 minutes, the outtakes are 5 minutes.

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