Overwhelming Incompetence – Nina Neon


Overwhelming Incompetence starring Nina Neon
Nina may have just found a job in the most humiliating office in the country! In clip 1, Nina is wearing a towel and getting ready for her job interview when the refrigerator repair man comes by. The vulgar bastard yanks the towel right off her body to soak up water leaking from her appliance, leaving her naked and indignant. She gets dressed in very sexy business attire and goes to the office. Something she’s wearing keeps setting off the security detector and she is forced to strip down to her stockings, bra and panties. It is a very embarrassing interview for her, but she gets the job. Sadly, she is late on her first day at work and in violation of the dress code. Her stern new boss orders her to strip completely naked or she is fired! In clip 2, Nina’s late for work again. She dresses so quickly that she forgets her panties. Her boss demands to see her bare bottom. Once more, Nina is forced to strip naked…but this time he administers a harsh spanking once she is nude. He spanks her sensitive, quivering ass until it is bright pink! Then he makes her stand in front of the other employees while they insult and ridicule her. In clip 3, Nina is late for work AGAIN! Her overwhelming distress causes her to forget her panties and her shoes. Her merciless tyrant of a boss makes her strip naked in front of all the men in the office and then he forces her over his knee. He gives her another ferocious spanking, turning her sweet ass cherry red. Scene #SPNK0001
MP4 720×540
Clip 1 is 14 minutes, Clip 2 is 20 minutes, Clip 3 is 16 minutes.

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