Out With My Roommate – Jackie Hoff and Agatha Delicious


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Out With My Roommate starring Jackie Hoff and Agatha Delicious

A very sexy chloroform scene! Agatha tries to get her hot roommate Jackie to go out to a club with her. But Jackie has work to do and declines Agatha’s suggestive invitation. Agatha soaks a cloth with chloroform and attacks Jackie, chloroforming her from the front. Jackie fights hard but soon her eyes flutter and she passes out. Agatha enjoys groping and manipulating her petite friend. When Jackie wakes up and tries to get away, Agatha chloroforms her again. Jackie’s limp body flops around as Agatha strips her naked. She then carries her to the bed for more fondling. Jackie awakens again and Agatha toys with her, applying the cloth repeatedly and pulling it away. Finally she knocks Jackie unconscious. All this groping has made Agatha tired and she falls asleep. Jackie wakes up and chloroforms Agatha! Revenge is sweet as Jackie strips and gropes her former friend. Agatha awakens and Jackie quickly puts her back to sleep. The Outtakes, which are sold separately from the scene, contain some great shots of the chloroforming plus a lengthy interview with the actresses and some beautiful photos. The scene is 35 minutes. Outtakes are 9 minutes. Scene #KOB0768

HD MP4 1920×1080

Full Scene – 1.4GB

Outtakes – 448MB

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