Office Girls in Peril – Charlotte Stokely, Star


Office Girls in Peril starring Charlotte Stokely and Star
Two of our most beautiful models ever try to escape from bondage in this hot scene. The girls were working when the office was robbed. In their sexy business skirts and nylons, they find themselves tied back to back on a bed. They’re exhausted and barely move. When they realize the bad guys are gone, they start to struggle. They try very hard to communicate through their gags (a real treat for fans of gag-talk). They manage to slip free of the rope tying them together which makes it easier for them to try to free each other. They slide their shoes off and try to use their sweaty stockinged feet to get each other’s gags off. It’s no use. They hop into the living room where, with great difficulty, they get themselves untied and escape. A few seconds of outtakes are included. 15 minutes. Scene #BG0740

MP4 1280×680

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