No Rescue – Gina


No Rescue starring Gina
Gina, in attractive business attire, shows up for an interview at an animal rescue shelter. But the interviewer has something else in mind for this cutie. While she is distracted, his accomplice creeps up behind her and chloroforms her. The two brutes then strip and fondle her lifeless body, sucking on her young, perky tits and spanking her sweet little ass. They strip her completely naked and turn her face-down on the couch, spreading her legs enough so you can see her hot pink pussy. They use her body like a puppet, making her spank herself. Knowing that she will wake up soon, the two scoundrels re-dress her limp body and wake her up, telling her she must have passed out during the interview from too much alcohol. She staggers off, groggy and confused. Scene #KOB0108
14 minutes.  MP4 640×480

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