Netting Nina Neon – Nina Neon


Netting Nina Neon starring Nina Neon
Nina stars as a private detective in this thrilling story directed by Loren Chance. There are lots of excellent knock outs and some great bondage provided by Loren. Nina, looking incredible in business skirt outfit and heels, comes to investigate criminal genius Steve and is jumped by Steve and his henchman. She fights them off for a while (there are some fun fight scenes) but they throw a net over her and chloroform her. Nina awakens bound to a chair, now barefoot. Steve cloth-gags her, opens her blouse and cruelly fondles her tits. Ninas eyes blaze with anger and, as soon as she is left alone, she gets free and kicks the guys asses again. But, a vicious blow to the head knocks her unconscious. Nina awakens in just her bra and panties. She is tightly hogtied and gagged with cloth between her teeth. She looks gorgeous and helpless and there are some great foot shots as she struggles. Steve really messes with her, groping her tits and thoroughly humiliating her. When the henchman joins in, things get even worse for Nina. They replace her cloth gag with a ballgag, spank her and the two of them fondle her tits, body and ass while she struggles. When Nina gets loose, Steve chloroforms her while she is still ballgagged! Nina wakes up naked, bound and ballgagged. She makes Steve angry and has to be chloroformed again. This time, she awakens bound spread out on the bed, looking helpless and vulnerable. Even her fingers are taped up. She endures relentless, humiliating groping from the two bad guys before being left there. The exciting outtakes feature scenes of Nina being tied up and gagged (not much KO stuff in the outtakes). Scene #KOTI0107
46 minutes. The photo set contains 344 photos. MP4 640×480

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