Lexi’s Stalker Part 2 – Lexi Belle


Lexi’s Stalker Part 2 starring Lexi Belle
The same evil madman who attacked Lexi in KOB0438 Lexi’s Stalker Part 1 returns to victimize her again! Lexi relaxes at home unaware that the creep is watching her. He waits until Lexi stands up, then pounces on her. After some great struggling and eye rolling, Lexi succumbs to the chloroform and passes out. Lexi is carried over the guys shoulder to the couch where she is fondled. The villain plays with Lexis eyes and face then calls his friend. When the friend shows up, they both play with Lexi. They remove her dress, leaving her in just pantyhose, and both of them fondle her tits. Lexi awakens and is quickly put to sleep with the chloroform. She is carried by both guys into the bedroom. The stalker removes her pantyhose, poses her and they guys leave. Lexi awakens, confused, and wonders what is going on. Scene #KOB0439
13 minutes. The photo set contains 31 photos. MP4 640×480

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