Knocked Out Tied Up 18 – Nina Neon and Tori Sinclair


Knocked Out Tied Up 18 starring Nina Neon and Tori Sinclair
In clip 1, Tori invites her boss Nina over for drinks. But Nina’s drink is drugged and she begins passing out. As she slowly slips into unconsciousness, Tori begins fondling her. Once Nina is totally out, Tori fondles her heavily, kissing her luscious breasts. She then ties Nina up on screen. When Nina awakens, bound and in just her underwear, she is tormented, kissed, bitten, fondled and eventually gagged. In clip 2, Tori chloroforms Nina while she is still bound and when Nina wakes up, she is in very hot black lingerie and hose, and is tied spread eagled to Toris bed. Tory tape gags Nina and continues the intense and very sensual fondling, kissing and biting. There is also plenty of sexy talking–Tori is a brilliant fetish actress! In one fabulous scene, Tori calls Ninas secretary to tell her that Nina will be out sick–meanwhile Nina lies struggling on the bed next to her! In clip 3, when Nina is put on a leash and led out of the bedroom, she takes the opportunity for revenge. Though still gagged, she grabs the chloroform and knocks Tori out. Tory awakens tightly bound in just panties and is ball-gagged on screen. Nina does an amazing job dominating the now helpless Tori. She fondles, licks and kisses her and cruelly mocks her. In clip 4, Nina pours knock out drops into the holes in Toris ballgag and fondles her as she slowly passes out. Tori is then bound to a chair, cloth gagged and fondled some more. Nina even uses her stockinged feet to rub Toris breasts before leaving her struggling helplessly. It is hard to describe in words just how hot this scene actually is. Scene #KOTI0146
Clip 1 is 36 minutes. Clip 2 is 14 minutes. Clip 3 is 15 minutes. Clip 4 is 11 minutes. The outtakes are 8 minutes. The photo set contains 46 photos. MP4 640×480

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