Knocked Out: The Early Years Collection 3


Knocked Out: The Early Years Collection 3
An assortment of clips and photos from back in the day featuring some of our hottest models knocked out! You’ll get:

KOB0263 The Accidental Pill Popper starring Sinn Sage
Hot brunette coed Sinn, looking comfy in her pajamas and bare feet, has a ton of homework. She puts a kettle on the stove hoping that some tea will help her get it done. Sinn slams the refrigerator door and a bottle of sleeping pills is knocked over. One of them drops into her tea! When she sits back down to study, she gradually loses focus and starts nodding off from the pill she has accidentally taken. There is plenty of yawning, squinting, head bobbing and other signs of fatigue. She thinks she must need more caffeine, so she goes into the kitchen to make another cup of tea. In the kitchen she discovers the spilt pill bottle and realizes what has happened. It is too late now. She fights to stay awake but the drug is too strong. She passes out in an arm chair. Also included with the scene is an alternate ending in which Sinn collapses to the floor (pretty convincingly, too). The scene is 14.5 minutes. The photo set contains 33 photos.

KOB0264 Model Who Went Missing starring Darby
Darby is a sexy lingerie model posing for a photo shoot in sheer stockings and matching pink bra and panties. While the photographer shoots pictures and distracts her, his accomplice sneaks up behind her, grabs her and holds a chloroform soaked rag over her face. He pins her against the wall and holds it there until she has can not stay awake any longer. Once she is unconscious, he takes her over to the couch where he pulls her bra down and gropes her fantastic natural breasts. Then he removes her shoes and plays with her pretty stockinged feet. The scene is 5.5 minutes. The photo set contains 84 photos.

KOB0265 Sleepy Slavery Ring starring Eve Ellis, Nina Neon and Tori Sinclair
We have combined the 3 excellent chloroform scenes from Adventures in Bondage 4 onto one clip. First, when Eve steps into busty, lusty Toris office, a thug creeps up behind her and chloroforms her. Eve struggles to resist the effects of the drug, but her efforts are futile and she soon falls unconscious. Tori dismisses her henchman, closes the blinds and crouches down over Eve. She gropes and licks Eves amazing tits and perfectly centered nipples. Later, sensing something has gone wrong, Nina heads inside, where she discovers Eve tied up. The henchman sneaks up on her and holds a chloroform-soaked rag over her face. She struggles really hard then slips into unconsciousness while the terrified Eve watches helplessly. Finally, the detectives and Tori’s henchman join together to chloroform Tori. The henchman holds her down while Eve forces her to breathe in the fumes. The scene is 6.5 minutes.

KOB0266 Knocked Out in the Stairwell starring Anastasia Pierce and Amber Michaels
Some fans wanted to buy just the chloroform scene from Captives in Bondage 1. So, here it is. Sexy kidnapper Anastasia pursues her prey, Amber, up a winding staircase and chloroforms her. Amber grows weak and weary as the chloroform takes effect. Her eyes flutter and become heavier and heavier until finally, she passes out and collapses into Anastasia’s arms. Anastasia drags her lifeless body away. The dingy warehouse-type setting of the scene really sets the tone and makes the scene very exciting. The scene is 3.5 minutes. The photo set contains 37 photos.

KOB0308 Acting Unconscious starring Alicia Silver
Cute girl-next-door Alicia plays an actress preparing for a role in a scary movie. She calls platonic male friend Eddie and asks him to help her learn the character by knocking her out. He reluctantly agrees but when he attempts to chloroform her, she gets nervous and pulls away. On the third try, he gets impatient and chloroforms her anyway! Alicia, shocked by the strength of the drug, struggles hard. But the chloroform does its job and she steadily slows down. With much great eye-fluttering, Alicia passes out. Of course, Eddie has a crush on her and can not resist the temptation to manipulate her body, open her blouse and pull up her skirt while she is unconscious. He even takes photos of her. Alicia awakens and has no idea what Eddie has been doing to her. Then Alicia tries something else. She drinks a drugged drink and begins a slow descent into unconsciousness. Alicia becomes very tired. She attempts to write some notes but can barely hold the pen. She rolls her eyes, attempts to stand, falls down. Eventually, she passes out. Again, Eddie plays with her body. This time, he strips her down to her bra and panties. When Alicia awakens, she is bound and gagged! Realizing that her friend is insane, Alicia struggles and frees herself. But, when she tries to run, she is confronted by Eddie who knocks her out with a blow to the head from a club. Eddie pulls off her bra and panties and prepares for some more fun… The scene is 26 minutes. The photo set has 8 photos.

KOB0309 Friendly Fondling starring Nina Neon
Nina looks totally cute in her shorts and clingy white top. She does some exercising in front of platonic roommate Max, not realizing that he is hot for her. When he offers her a foot massage, she quickly accepts. But, Max knows a pressure spot on her foot and when he presses it, it makes Nina very sleepy. She tries hard to stay awake but, with much yawning and eye-rolling, she passes out. Max carries Nina in his arms to the bedroom and strips off all her clothes. He thoroughly fondles her delicious body and tits. Later, when Nina awakens, she is dressed again and Max is rubbing her feet. Unaware that anything has happened, Nina thanks Max and leaves. The scene is 20 minutes.

KOB0319 Sleeping Gas Seeping In starring Nina Neon
Stunning Nina, fully nude (perfect tan body), is getting ready for a date when her jealous male roommate Max sticks a hose under the door. The hose sends gas into the room and Nina begins to get sleepy. She yawns a lot and her eyes get droopy. She tries to brush her hair and get dressed (the part where she tries to put on a sweater and it gets stuck on her head is awesome) but she gets more and more tired. Finally, she passes out on the bed and her naked body is fondled by Max. He puts his hands all over her, giving special attention to her delicious tits. The scene is 12 minutes.

KOB0325 Jewell Drugged starring Jewell Marceau
Stunning brunette Jewell is given a drugged drink by her horny brother-in-law. She becomes very tired and disoriented and yawns a lot, though she tries to keep chatting. But eventually she passes out and the lecherous guy pulls her dress up and fondles her luscious body and voluptuous tits. The scene is 14 minutes. The photo set has 51 photos.

102 total minutes of 640×480 video and 208 photos. Collection #PKKOB0006

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