Knocked Out Superheroines Collection


Knocked Out Superheroines Collection
An assortment of clips and photos featuring knocked out superheroines! You’ll get:

SHKO0001 Super Sexy Super Villain starring Nina Neon and Amber Michaels
Red-caped devil Amber Michaels catches busty superheroine Nina snooping around her secret lair. Amber pounces on Nina , knocks her out with a chloroform and takes her captive back to her chamber. There, Amber squeezes Ninas voluptuous tits and manipulates her unconscious body like the cold-blooded villain she is. She takes liberties with her sleeping slaves hands, using them to massage her own luscious tits. Eventually Nina wakes up, drowsy and confused. Amber is waiting with her chloroform cloth and quickly send the superheroine back into unconsciousness. The scene is 8.5 minutes. The photo set contains 96 photos.

SHKO0002 Sleepy in Silver starring Amber Michaels and Nina Neon
Sexy silver-clad superheroine Amber sneaks into the lair of Dark Mistress (Nina), where she is immediately captured and handcuffed to a post by the nefarious vixen. Mistress holds a cloth soaked with mega-strength chloroform over Ambers face, pulling it away several times before Amber passes out just to torment her tethered prey. Once Amber is completely out, Mistress lays her down, pulls up her top, and fondles the superheroines super hot body. Then she removes Ambers tall silver boots, saucy silver shorts, and pantyhose. With Ambers lovely legs and pussy exposed, Mistress continues her shameless fondling of the knocked out hottie. Amber comes to and gets chloroformed into unconsciousness once more. The scene is 11.5 minutes long. The photo set contains 99 photos.

SHKO0003 Grabbed in Gold starring Cory Lane
Cory Lane looks smashing in this action-packed knock out scene! She penetrates some surly villains lair of evil, only to be swiftly captured and chloroformed! She struggles valiantly, but to no avail. The drug slowly takes effect and her strength wanes. Her resistance becomes sluggish as her eyes flutter and roll back in her head. Once she is unconscious, the treacherous evil-doer strips her out of her sexy gold costume and leaves her lying there on the ground…naked, helpless, and humiliated. The scene is 4.5 minutes. The photo set contains 50 photos.

SHKO0004 Super Chloro starring Cory Lane
Blond babe Cory is a Superheroine in a sexy costume who has come to bring evil villain Dick Darkly to justice. Too bad for her, Dick finds her first. He sneaks up behind her and covers her face with a chloroform soaked cloth. After a struggle to remain conscious, Cory’s eyes finally roll back into her head and she passes out completely. The villain lays her down on the floor. The scene is 1:17 minute. The photo set contains 57 photos.

SHKO0005 Sleeping Gas Peril starring Nina Neon
Nina plays a superheroine who is snooping around a scary warehouse when suddenly the room fills with thick gas. Nina fights to stay awake but she grows weak and slips into unconsciousness. She is briefly fondled and dragged off by villain Loren Chance. The scene is 5.5 minutes. The photo set contains 53 photos.

SHKO0006 Booby Trapped! starring Penny Flame
Penny stars as an enthusiastic but tragically naive junior superheroine. In a clandestine meeting with a swarthy villain, she is tricked into opening a briefcase filled with a powerful but slow-acting knock out gas. The scene where she opens the briefcase and is sprayed in the face with knock-out gas is a classic! As she struggles to remain conscious, the tricky scumbag taunts her and steals her mask, thus robbing her of her meager super powers. She finally falls to the floor, defeated and unconscious. The scene is 3.5 minutes. The photo set contains 33 photos.

SHKO0007 Surprised in Spandex starring Sinn Sage
Sinn looks hot as a superheroine in this short, fun scene. A villain sneaks up on Sinn and chloroforms her. Then, he strips off her top. The scene ends with about a minute of outtakes. The scene is 4 minutes. The photo set contains 43 photos.

SHKO0008 Chloroformed in Tights starring Jassie
Jassie stars as a patriotic superheroine hottie chloroformed by a stealthy thug as she infiltrates his secret headquarters. The scene is 1 minute and 40 seconds. The photo set contains 43 photos.

SHKO0009 Superheroine Knocked Out and Naked starring Nina Neon
Superheroine Nina takes a hard blow to the head while she searches around the enemies headquarters. The creepy bastard puts her limp body on his couch and strips off her uniform, including her sexy tan pantyhose. Once she is completely naked and helpless, he fondles her lifeless body until she comes to and has to be knocked out again. The scene is 4 minutes. Photo set contains 37 photos.

SHKO0013 The Saturn Sisters starring Isabella Blue & Tiffany Taylor
Isabella and Tiffany are two hot superheroines, the Saturn Sisters, lured into a trap by a conniving villain. They fall victim to the weakening force of a meganite rock the villain has hidden in his lair. The meganite renders the sisters unconscious, and the villain has them at his evil mercy. He plays with their limp bodies before stripping them of their costumes and fondling their supple superflesh. They come to, completely naked and still weak. They must flee the lair, crawling away without their costumes. The scene is 10 minutes. Photo set contains 80 images.

SHKO0026 Knock Out Obstacle Course starring Mary Jane Green
Mary Jane stars as the gorgeous superheroine Black Falcon. Entering a villains lair, she hears a voice that tells her that her ability to stay conscious is about to be tested. There is a detonator at the other end of the room. In order to stop the detonator from triggering a bomb, she must finish an obstacle course. First, a robotic arm springs out in front of her and holds a chloroform soaked rag over her face, putting her in a daze. Her eyes roll up in her head but she manages to stay on her feet. Then, while she is stumbling around only semi-conscious, a poison dart shoots her in the ass (a cheesy effect but its fun). This causes her to become even more fatigued and disoriented. Then, the robotic arm returns, this time to hit her over the head with a club! At this point, she is barely standing up straight. Then, knockout gas is sprayed at her. She cannot endure too much more. She slowly falls to the ground and starts crawling toward the detonator. Her ass looks fantastic, sticking straight out as she crawls in skintight black pants. Will she be able to stop the bomb? Watch and find out! The scene is 6 minutes. The photo set contains 51 photos.

59 total minutes of video, 640 photos. Collection #PKSH0002

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