Knocked Out Collection 1


Knocked Out Collection 1
An assortment of clips and photos featuring some of our hottest models knocked out! You’ll get:

KOB0012 Workout Woes starring Anastasia Pierce and Isabella Blue
Anastasia is working out on her treadmill in sexy athletic attire when a sneaky thug creeps up and chloroforms her. She struggles but cannot escape his tight grip. Once she is out cold, he lays her on the hard kitchen floor. Her roommate Isabella comes into the room and gets chloroformed in the same merciless manner. The scene is 2.5 minutes. The photo set contains 83 photos.

KOB0013 Poisoned Panties starring Anastasia Pierce
Tempting brunette bombshell Anastasia innocently sorts her bras and panties, totally oblivious to the intruder who is watching her. Anastasia leaves the room just long enough for the creep to steal a pair of her panties and lace it with chloroform. When she comes back, the assailant makes his move, clasping the panties over her face and knocking her unconscious. He carries her into the bedroom and throws her onto the bed before stripping her and groping her. he is not afraid to get a little rough with his sleeping beauty, squeezing her tits, spreading her lovely buttocks and sticking his fingers in her mouth like she is his personal plaything. This scene is a bit more intense than our usual stuff. The scene is 6.5 minutes. The photo set contains 38 photos.

KOB0038 Fainting Friends starring Isabella Blue and Nina Neon
Nina has some bad news for her good friend, Isabella. She sadly informs her that she slept with Isabellas boyfriend, causing Isabella to faint instantly. Once Isabellas unconscious, Nina confesses her lesbian attraction to her and strips her naked so she can caress and fondle her gorgeous body. When Isabella comes to, she has news that makes Nina faint. When Ninas passed out, Isabella takes advantage of her, too. She pulls up Ninas shirt and gropes her luscious tits. The scene is 7 minutes. The photo set contains 40 photos.

KOB0095 Unconscious Waitress starring Allison Whyte
Allison looks cute and sexy as a waitress dressed in a white blouse, short black skirt, black hose, and black pumps. In clip 1, she comes home from a hard days work and slowly changes into her sexy white nightie. She is foolishly unaware that an intruder is hiding by her bed. He springs out suddenly and chloroforms her. He fondles and manipulates her limp body a lot. Then, he carries her to the couch. The lunatic seems to think Allison is his girlfriend and he pretends to make her dinner. He feeds her imaginary food and drink while she lays lifeless on the couch. In clip 2, he fondles Allison heavily and strips her naked. He molests her luscious lily white skin and licks her nipples. When Allison awakens and tries to flee, she is knocked unconscious with chloroform again. The scene is 15.5 minutes. The photo set contains 307 photos.

KOB0098 Sprayed Spies starring Anastasia Pierce
Anastasia is the sexiest snoop we have ever laid eyes on! She is sneaking around the home of a famous scientist when Mary Jane leaps out and sprays her in the face with a potent knock out drug. A rival spy, Mary Jane intends to find a top secret substance stashed in the house before Anastasia, so she stuffs her in a closet and searches the house. Anastasia wakes up and returns the foul favor, spraying Mary Jane in the face with the sleepy liquid. When MJ wakes up, things get crazy…the girls pounce on each other, fighting over a chloroform-soaked cloth. Anastasia manages to clasp the cloth over MJ’s face and puts her to sleep. But, the scientist shows up and uses the knock out spray on Anastasia, who falls over unconscious. He takes a moment to check out the girls tits and then, with considerable difficulty, carries each of them away. The scene is 10.5 minutes. The photo set contains 230 photos!

KOB0114 The Spy Who Drugged Me starring Mary Jane Green and Tori Sinclair
Sexy secret agent Mary Jane looks incredible in black thigh high boots, silky blouse and short skirt. She is drugged by her nemesis, the nefarious Tori. As she begins to feel the effects of the drug, Tori holds up an antidote and taunts Mary Jane with it. Mary Jane crawls toward Tori but passes out before she can get the drug she needs. Tori drags Mary Jane’s lifeless body to the couch. Tori opens MJ’s blouse, hikes her skirt up and fondles her. Mary Jane wakes up and the two women wrestle. But Tori gets the upper hand and clasps a chloroform cloth over her rivals face. Mary Jane passes out. She is stripped naked, tied up and wheeled away on a chair. The scene is 17 minutes. The photo set contains 120 photos.

KOB0115 Bad News starring Mary Jane Green and Tori Sinclair
Mary Jane and Tori appear to be very sensitive to upsetting news in this multiple fainting scene. They are chatting on the couch when Tori tells MJ that she is in love with MJ’s boyfriend. MJ is so shocked that she faints on the spot. When MJ comes to, Tori has more bad news for her, causing her to pass out again. When she comes around this time, she is the one giving Tori upsetting news, at which Tori faints immediately. In the end, MJ’s boyfriend has the worst news of all, causing both girls to faint at the same time. The scene is 4 minutes. Photo set contains 65 photos.

KOB0120 Working Overtime starring Nina Neon and Stacy Burke
It has been a few years since Nina chloroformed Stacy in an Anton video and we are sure their long time fans will love this scene. Both girls look hot in office clothes. Nina is pissed that Stacy is working so hard and making everyone else look bad. So she knocks her out and leaves her for the boss to find. Later, Nina chloroforms Stacy again. This time, she partially undresses her before leaving. The scene is 7 minutes. The photo set contains 87 photos.

KOB0124 Bride of the Mask starring Sinn Sage
Sinn is house sitting for rich friends who have given her free license to do whatever she wants in their house, with one dire warning. She MUST NOT open the closet in the main room. Curiosity works its dark magic, and before long she opens the forbidden door. A hideous man-beast wearing a diabolical mask growls and lurches out, scaring Sinn so badly that she faints instantly. The creature, now set free, continues to torment her. He lurks behind every door, lunging out at Sinn who faints every time she sees him. The scene is 4 minutes. The photo set contains 25 photos.

KOB0134 Ariel’s Obsession starring Ariel & Mary Jane Green
Ariel invites sexy co-worker Mary Jane over for dinner. They both look great in skirts and blouses. When Mary Jane resists Ariels romantic overtures, Ariel chloroforms her. She lays MJs limp body on the floor, partially strips her and plays with her in a very creepy manner. Ariel’s performance is so good it is almost scary. The scene is 7.5 minutes. The photo set contains 43 photos.

KOB0140 Ariel and Darby Pick the Wrong House
Ariel and Darby have a flat tire, so they walk up to a house to ask for help. A guy lets them in, but he and his buddy are ready with chloroform and knock them out! The scene is 4 minutes.

KOB0144 That Model is a Knock-Out! starring Sinn Sage & Sammie Rhodes
An annoying photographer and a frustrated model knock each other out in this fun story. Photographer Sammie annoys model Sinn with her obnoxious attitude. But, when Sinn is not looking, Sammie really gets mean. She drugs Sinn’s drink. After sippping it, Sinn tries to model but she feels faint. She continues to try to work but she slowly passes out on the floor. Sammie strips Sinn down to her pantyhose and begins to fondle her. Sammie strips off Sinn’s pantyhose leaving her naked and vulnerable. In a very erotic scene, Sammie fondles Sinn’s beautiful body. She takes off her own clothes and gets on top of her victim. Finally, she takes a few photos of the helpless Sinn. But Sinn awakens and, though groggy, she hits Sammie over the head with a bottle. Sammie crashes to the floor and Sinn does a little fondling of her own. The scene is 24 minutes. The photo set contains 99 photos.

KOB0164 Sleepy Escapades starring Darby
This clip combines two short scenes featuring the gorgeous redhead Darby. In the first scene, Darby is working in her home office when her boyfriend Steve informs her that they are financially destitute. She faints immediately into her office chair. When she comes to, Steve has some more startling news for her that makes her faint instantly once again. In the second scene, Darby is working at night in her office when she hears a suspicious noise outside. Foolishly, she ventures outdoors and directly into the sinister arms of a night prowler. He stuffs a chloroform rag in her face and subdues her struggles until she is limp and unconscious. Then he drags her away into the darkness, to do unspeakable things that we can only imagine! The scenes combined are 2 minutes long, total. The photo set contains 57 photos.

111 total minutes of 640×480 video and 1190 photos. Collection #PKKOB0007

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