Kidnapped Rich Girl – Charlie Laine and Allison Whyte


Kidnapped Rich Girl starring Charlie Laine and Allison Whyte
Snobby millionaires daughter, Charlie, is reluctantly doing some charity work. Looking tasty in a short skirt, top, hose and boots, Charlie visits some needy people to try to help them. But, the needy people turn out to be Allison and her boyfriend and they plan to kidnap Charlie for ransom! Charlie is overpowered and tied up on screen and gagged with cloth. While the boyfriend is nice and wants to keep Charlie comfortable, Allison wants to mess with her. Shooting down her boyfriends objections, Allison fondles and taunts Charlie. She pulls up Charlies top, then pulls up her skirt and spanks her ass.  When the boyfriend goes out, Allison forces Charlie to strip naked and ties her to the bed in a very provocative position with her pussy exposed and vulnerable. Charlie is gagged with duct tape and Allison strips and gets on top of her. She cruelly uses Charlies body for her own enjoyment. Outtakes are definitely a must-see, they feature Charlie being tied up while clothed in the living room, and also feature Charlie spread eagle and completely naked as she is tied up to the bed. She teases the camera by occasionally reaching down to stroke her pussy before her hands are tied. Scene #BG0092.
MP4 640×480
20 minutes. The outtakes are 11 minutes.  The photo set contains 83 photos.

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