In the Villain’s Clutches – Lexie Fox and Agatha Delicious


In the Villain’s Clutches starring Lexie Fox and Agatha Delicious
Beautiful, innocent superheroine Lexie is captured and tormented by evil Agatha in this hot clip! Lexie comes looking for Ms. Delicious. But, when she tries to capture her, Agatha zaps her with a spell. Lexie is only able to move in slow motion, then freezes. Agatha soaks a cloth and hands it to Lexie. She zaps her again and Lexie is compelled to hold the cloth to her face. She fights it but soon her eyes flutter and she falls limp to the floor. She wakes up bound with hands over her head and tightly gagged. Agatha cruelly taunts her captive while she gropes her. She slowly peels off Lexie’s outfit and fondles her some more. While Lexie watches in horror, Agatha soaks a cloth. Agatha removes Lexie’s gag and tortures her by applying the cloth to her face several times and pulling it away. Each time she pulls it away, Lexie become weaker and weaker and her eyes flutter. Finally, Agatha holds the cloth to Lexie’s face until she goes limp. 11 minutes. Scene #SHKT0050
MP4 1920×1080

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