In the Bedroom – Cali Logan and Celeste Star


In the Bedroom starring Cali Logan and Celeste Star
When Cali walks into her bedroom, she has no idea that a creepy intruder is waiting for her. He grabs Cali and clasps a chloroform soaked rag over her face. She struggles hard but the drug is too powerful. Her eyes roll back and she passes out in his arms. Cali is dragged to the bed where the guy check her eyes to make sure she is out. When roommate Celeste enters, she too is chloroformed and dragged to the bed, where her eyes are checked. Both girls look incredible lying on the bed in their short dresses and shiny pantyhose. Their breasts are also exposed as the guy manipulates and poses the girls limp bodies. Cali awakens but is too bleary to even realize what is happening. The guy holds the cloth to her face again, knocking her unconscious. When Celeste wakes up, he does the same to her. Scene #KOB0422
13 minutes. The photo set contains 101 photos. MP4 640×480

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