In Over Her Head – Stacy Burke, Mary Jane Green



In Over Her Head starring Stacy Burke and Mary Jane Green
The girls look hot as hell and give fine performances in this fun crime-bondage story. Wealthy heiress Mary Jane has been kidnapped! Bound and gagged with pink duct tape, she’s tied up in a closet in her sexy short dress and black nylons. Reporter Stacy shows up to investigate. But when she finds Mary Jane, the kidnapper grabs her. Stacy ends up on the couch bound, tape-gagged and blindfolded. When the creep questions her, she tells him she’s only interested in the story. She suggests that the kidnapper tie her up with Mary Jane so she can write about it! Both girls end up next to each other bound and gagged with tape. Later, untied, the girls are made to strip to their bras and panties. They’re tied up again with tape but Stacy’s hands are free so she can write her story. Mary Jane is very angry at Stacy for not untying her. The kidnapper cruelly tells the girls he will leave Mary Jane there tied up and will drop Stacy off somewhere. But Stacy insists on seeing her story through to the end and asks to be left bound and gagged. The girls are securely tied to chairs. They struggle and whimper through their gags but they can not escape. 46 minutes. Scene #BG0736

MP4 1280×680 The photo set has 82 photos.

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