I’m Your Biggest Psycho Fan – Lola Anderson and Jolene Hexx



I’m Your Biggest Psycho Fan starring Lola Anderson and Jolene Hexx
The models have a lot of fun with their roles in this exciting bondage scene. The entire story is done twice, with the girls switching roles for Clip 2. In Clip 1, movie star Lola is tired of her busy career and goes into hiding. But she’s unaware that evil Jolene is in the house. Jolene grabs Lola and handgags her. She tells her that she is her biggest fan and just wants to be friends. But, when Lola resists, Jolene ties he up with tape. Lola begs for release but Jolene just taunts her. She removes her panties and stuff them in Lola’s mouth. She then kisses Lola as she seals her lips with tape. Lola whimpers and struggles as Jolene gropes her body. When Jolene goes out for supplies, Lola frees herself. She captures Jolene who ends up bound with tape. Lola gags her with tape and cruelly taunts Jolene, humiliating her by groping her while she struggles. Finally, Lola calls the police. Clip 2 is the exact same story with pretty much the same action except Jolene plays the hostage movie actress and Lola is the obsessed fan. Clip 1 is 25 minutes. Clip 2 is 18 minutes. Scene #BG0857

HD MP4-1920×1080
Clip 1 – 911MB
Clip 2 – 682MB

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