I’ll Tie You, You Tie Me – Diana Grace



I’ll Tie You, You Tie Me starring Diana Grace
Diana is incredibly beautiful and seductive in this hot POV clip. You met Diana at a bar and she invited you to her house. In Clip 1, she tells you that she’s a kinky girl and wants to tie you up. You can’t resist and allow her to bind you to a chair. She stuffs some stockings into your mouth and tapes you up. She teases you endlessly, getting close to you and talking in her sexy voice. She strips out of her sheer top and shiny leggings and teases you till you can’t stand it. She asks…if I untie you, will you tie me up? Of course, you agree. In Clip 2, Diana, still in just her tiny panties is now bound with tape. She talks to you seductively, telling you that you can do whatever you want to her…she can’t wait! She asks you to gag her so you press me tape over her mouth. Diana moves around sexily for your pleasure. Finally, you grope her luscious tits as the clip ends. A couple of minutes of outtakes are included with the Full Scene or Clip 2. Scene #BG0838

HD MP4 1920×1080
Full Scene 43:00 HD (1.7GB)

Clip 1 26:00 HD
Clip 2 18:00 HD

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