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Hypno Bikini Model – Promise

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Hypno Bikini Model starring Promise
Sexy Promise is a bikini model who arrives for a calendar shoot unaware of what lies in store for her. She changes into her bikini and stands in front of the camera for the photographer. The photographer uses a strobe light to hypnotize Promise, then tells her about her real purpose there. He is actually a porn agent, not a photographer, and he plans on turning her into a porn star. Once she is at his command, he makes her talk dirty to him like a porn star. Promise really gets into it! Next, he commands her to strip nude and continue to talk dirty and mime a porn scene—like she is sucking and fucking an invisible man. Promise is completely convincing. You would swear she is an unbelievably filthy whore. You would be right! If that is not enough, Robbie makes Promise bend over, he spanks her and fondles her tight body, tits and ass. 16 minutes. Scene #STR0024
MP4 640×480. The photo set contains 175 photos.

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