Humiliated Heroines 2 – Nina Neon and Sammie Rhodes


Humiliated Heroines 2 starring Nina Neon and Sammie Rhodesbr>This unusual story, shot as a custom for one of our viewers, features a multitude of fetishes including superheroines, feet, knock out, mind control and crushing.

In Part 2 of the Humiliated Heroines, the story continues with tons of crushing and foot/boot worship. In Clip 1, Superheroine Astragirl (Sammie) is still possessed by the evil spirit of the Black Queen. She forces her former comrade Liberty Belle (Nina) to kneel and worship her thigh-hi leather boots while she torments her with a riding crop. She commands Liberty to remove the boots and worship her stocking feet, then she shoves Liberty down on the ground and taunts her about her pathetic weakness. She gathers some random items to crush under her sharp high heels, causing Liberty to suffer unbearable crushing pains in her body. As Astragirl stomps on the objects, Liberty screams and writhes in pain on the ground. Astragirl uses her stocking feet to gag Liberty and suck the power out of her body. Liberty is once more forced to worship Astragirls shoes and feet. She kisses, strokes, and massages them. Astragirl grabs her snake staff and uses it to put the weakened Liberty Belle in a trance, brainwashing her to be a devoted slave. Astragirl forces her slave to help her change into a smoking hot black leather outfit and then to worship her stocking feet. Liberty Belle mentions that an army of soldiers are coming to destroy the Black Queen, so Astragirl/Black Queen crushes several toy soldiers to magically defeat the army. Liberty can only watch helplessly as the forces of justice are smeared into the ground. More foot worship ensues. Astragirl comes out of the evil trance she is under, but a suggestion she planted in her mind earlier causes Liberty Belle to put on the evil boots. Now Liberty is possessed by the sinister Black Queen, and she tortures Astragirl with painful shocks. In Clip 2, the tables are turned, and it is Astragirl who now worships Libertys boots and stocking feet. But Liberty comes out of her trance and the heroines escape. Now, they are returning to battle Overlord. Brimstone, the villains trusty henchman, grabs Liberty Belle then Astragirl and chloroforms them into unconsciousness. When they wake up, he entrances them. Astragirl becomes a timid slave who lives only for foot worship and Liberty Belle becomes the cruel Black Queen once more. Liberty forces Astragirl to worship her high heels and then her tan stocking feet. Astragirl does so complacently. Brimstone toys with his command of the superheroines, causing them to change personalities at his command. As a devoted foot slave, Astragirl changes and worships Libertys shoes several times, and Liberty barks fierce instructions at her. In Clip 3, Liberty Belle is placed in a trance-chamber to further brainwash her into being the Black Queen. She falls victim to the powers of the chamber, so she changes into one of the Queens black leather outfits and forces Astragirl to worship her evil boots and then her bare feet. She rubs her feet on Astragirls delicious tits. Liberty strips naked and puts on pantyhose, then puts her outfit back on. She continues to fondle Astragirls big, yummy tits with her stocking feet, causing Astragirl to get quite aroused. She puts on her vicious thigh-hi boots and crushes a stuffed animal, causing Astragirl to suffer in physical anguish on the floor. Then she steps on Astragirl and crushes her with her fierce boots. Once Astragirl is totally weakened and nearly unconscious, Liberty fondles her limp body and gorgeous tits. Scene #SHMI0005
Clip 1 is 33 minutes, Clip 2 is 32 minutes, Clip 3 is 25 minutes. 640×480. The photo set has 82 photos.

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