Hopelessly Bound – Ariel Anderssen


Hopelessly Bound starring Ariel Anderssen
Stunning British model Ariel is cruelly bound and gagged in this dramatic scene. Ariel looks lovely in skirt, blouse, pantyhose and heels. Vicious intruder Tim Woodman binds her tightly and gags her. Left alone, Ariel struggles hard but can not free herself. She manages to work the shoes off her nyloned feet and tries to hop away but Tim catches her. In a very hot scene, he forces Ariel to beg him to tie her up and gag her rather than hurting her. Ariel is made to strip naked and is bound in a horribly uncomfortable position with her leg in splits – her feet are pulled in opposite directions and tied to the corners of the bed! Tim packs her mouth and gags her. But he’s not done yet. Her pulls her pantyhose over her head and then ties another gag and blindfold over them! Ariel is left there, uncertain of her fate. About 3 minutes of excellent outtakes are included with the scene. 21 minutes. Scene #BG0734

MP4 1280×680

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