Hiring a Slave – Stacy Burke


Hiring a Slave starring Stacy Burke
Stacy and villain Tim Woodman give top notch performances in this hot scene. Stacy, looking great in jeans and tight top, comes to Tim’s seeking employment. Tim wants Stacy to work for him…as a slave! He sneaks up on her and chloroforms her. Stacy fights hard for a moment but the drug takes effect, her eyes roll back and she passes out. She awakens with her hands bound over her head and her ankles and legs securely tied. Stacy is feisty and demands to be released but Tim just taunts her. He begins groping her hot body and intimidating her. Stacy’s mouth is packed and taped and she squirms and struggles as the creep gropes her hot body. Her cruel captor cuts her top open and pulls down her jeans leaving Stacy in just her black bra and panties. The bra and panties are then cut off and Stacy’s nude body is fondled all over. Her gag is removed but just so Tim can stuff her panties in her mouth and tape her up again. A tight crotch rope is applied and Stacy is left struggling in terror. When Tim returns, he puts a pillow case over Stacy’s head and tells her he is taking her to his home to keep her forever! About 2 minutes of outtakes are included. They show Stacy being tied up and posing for bondage photos. 18 minutes. Scene #BG0704
MP4 1280×680. The photo set contains 91 photos.

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