Her Prices Are Insane – Stacy Burke


Her Prices Are Insane starring Stacy Burke
Stacy shows off her amazing comedic talent in this fun, sexy mind control story. Looking totally hot in tight jeans, top and boots, Stacy is the owner of a furniture store and she nervously rehearses for a commercial she is about to shoot. But, the director of the commercial, Mary Jane, is working for Stacys rivals! Mary Jane gives Stacy a pen and when she clicks it, it lights up and Stacy is mesmerized. Mary Jane tells Stacy that she is her servant and will do as she is told. To every command, Stacy replies in a monotone voice. Stacy is ordered to make a terrible commercials where she makes fun of her customers and her merchandise. When MJ says ACTION, Stacy comes out of her trance and does the commercial. She cheerfully and energetically talks about the crap she sells and her idiot customers. Stacy is then commanded to do 2 more commercials where she will talk dirty and pretend to be a whore. When she hears ACTION, Stacy uses the filthiest language to describe herself, her staff, her furniture and her customers. She partially undresses and touches herself. Mary Jane yells CUT and Stacy goes back into the glassy-eyed trance. MJ fondles Stacy sensuously for her own amusement. Stacy is made to call the tv station and tell them to run the commercials right away. Mary Jane snaps Stacy out of the trance and leaves. Scene #STR0111
16 minutes. MP4 640×480

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