Hassled Hostage – Daisy Marie


Hassled Hostage starring Daisy Marie
Somehow Daisy has gotten herself into a grim predicament, cleave gagged and bound with tons of rope on the couch. She looks helpless and adorable as she struggles in her tight white shirt, short black skirt, sheer black nylons, and shiny black pumps. Cleverly, she shakes off her shoes and tries to hop away, but her cruel captor returns just in time to stop her. He forces her down on the couch and fondles her gorgeous body through her clothes. When he tires of that, he strips her completely naked and molests her some more. She struggles and screams in protest, but the big ball gag in her mouth silences her cries. The outtakes are included with the scene. They feature quality footage of Mary Jane tying Daisy, bloopers, and Daisy being gorgeous and sexy between takes. Scene #BG0132
10 minutes. MP4 640×480

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