Happy Knock Outs to You – Star Nine



Happy knock Outs to You starring Star Nine
Gorgeous Star has a special birthday present for her boyfriend Tim…a cloth and a bottle of chloroform. She is very sexy as she tells him that she loves being unconscious and helpless. She wants Tim to sneak up on her later that day and knock her out. He is happy to oblige. Later, Star is washing dishes and hears Tim soaking the cloth behind her. She smiles as she walks away, knowing what is coming. Tim grabs her and clasps the cloth over her face. Star struggles, her eyes roll back and she passes out in her boyfriends arms. He holds her for a few moments, sensuously fondling her before dragging her to the living room. He strips her naked and plays with her luscious body, fondling her breasts and caresses her body, face and hair. When Star wakes up, she pretends to be scared and runs. But Tim is right behind her. He chloroforms her again and drags her back to the couch. Scene #KOB0532 13 minutes. MP4 1280×640

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