Frozen Fed – Jolene Hexx


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Frozen Fed starring Jolene Hexx
Jolene gives a fine performance as a cocky federal agent who gets more than she bargained for when she investigates a woman’s disappearance. The woman was last seen at the home of dairy merchant Mr. Donovan. Jolene asks Donovan about the case. He evades her questions and gives her a refreshing glass of milk. Jolene drinks it and is told she will now freeze and become a helpless love doll for Donovan’s pleasure. Jolene tries to punch the villain in the head but she suddenly freezes, her face contorted into a silly, hideous expression. Jolene’s whole body is frozen and Donovan cruelly taunts her. He pushes the agent onto the sofa and poses her body and face in various strange positions. He tells her that she belongs to him and he will keep her frozen forever! A couple of short outtakes are included. 16 minutes. MP4 1920×1080. Scene #STR0144

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