Facing His Fetish – Carissa Montgomery


Facing His Fetish starring Carissa Montgomery
Sexy Carissa comes home with her boyfriend Tim. They talk about professional wrestling. Carissa insists that it is fake and that sleeper holds do not work. Tim convinces her to let him try it. He puts his arm around her neck. Carissa’s eyes roll but she still insists that it’s not real. Tim does it again and this time, he knocks her out. He holds her limp body up against a wall and plays with her cute face. He squeezes it, distorts her mouth and does some eye checks. He carries her to a kitchen chair and moves her head around. He removes her top and gropes her luscious breasts. When she wakes up, he knocks her out cold with a sleeper hold. He carries her to the sofa and lays her across his lap for some more tit-groping, face manipulation and eye checks. Carissa wakes up and groggily stands. But, after a moment, her eyes roll and she passes out again, falling back onto the couch. Tim sits Carissa on the floor and plays with her face and eyes again. 22 minutes. MP4 1280×680

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