Entranced by a Ghost – Celeste Star and Mary Jane Green


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Entranced by a Ghost starring Celeste Star and Mary Jane Green
Celeste has moved into a new house. She comes home from a party, looking amazing in leather leggings and sexy top. Her friend tells her that previous residents said they had seen a ghost in the house. Celeste laughs it off. Later, she looks in a mirror and sees a vision of a mysterious woman, Mary Jane. She goes back to the living room and tries to relax but the woman appears and summons her. Celeste goes into a glassy eyed trance and walks like a zombie to Mary Jane. MJ guides Celeste back to the couch and, with a wave of her hands, she makes her strip naked. She makes Celeste touch her body and breasts. Then she fondles her. When MJ disappears, Celeste comes out of the trance and is terrified. Later, Celeste is asleep in her bed when MJ appears. Celeste goes into a trance and comes to MJ. Celeste is groped and is then made to touch herself. She brings herself to an orgasm, then comes out of the trance. Realizing what happened, she cowers in fear. A minute of outtakes are included. Scene #STR0132
21 minutes. The photo set has 86 photos. 640×480

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