Eastern Connection – Daisy and Promise


Eastern Connection starring Daisy and Promise
The girls look incredibly hot in the unusual story of espionage and treachery. They work for different spy agencies and both have been sent to abduct Frank Frankovich. Promise attempts to capture him but she is chloroformed by rival Daisy. When Daisy attempts to capture the robust Russian, he fights her off with a bottle. Meanwhile Promise awakens. She chloroforms Daisy…only to be chloroformed herself by Frankovich! The drunk bastard sits the luscious spies on either side of him and fondles their beautiful bodies. Then, he slowly strips off their clothes. The beautiful naked skin of these two exotic beauties is a thrilling sight. Then, he poses the naked girls in some very suggestive positions. Left alone, the girls awaken. Promise grabs the bottle and breaks it over Daisys head, sending her crashing to the floor. But Frankovich has the last laugh–he breaks another bottle over Promise s head and sits down on the couch surrounded by the naked girls limp bodies. The outtakes are great. They feature lots of extra shots from the knock out scenes and footage of the girls joking around. Scene #KOB0143
17 minutes. The outtakes are 3.5 minutes. The photo set contains 159 photos. MP4 640×480

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