Don’t Preach to Me – Ariel Anderssen



Don’t Preach to Me starring Ariel Anderssen
When morality missionary Ariel comes to Tim’s door to preach to him about not giving in to lust, he quickly invites her in. When she’s not looking, Tim soaks a rag in chloroform and attacks her from behind, knocking her unconscious. She fights hard but soon her eyes cross and she passes out. Tim plays with Ariel’s limp body. He partially undresses her and fondles her breasts. When she wakes up, Tim grabs the cloth and knocks her out again. Ariel is stripped completely naked and Tim gropes her all over. She awakens again only to be chloroformed on Tim’s lap. When she wakes up a final time, Tim uses her holy book to smack her head and put her to sleep. A minute of outtakes conclude the scene. This scene has some slightly sacrilegious elements that some viewers may not enjoy. The scene is 19 minutes. Scene #KOB0549

Available in MP4 1280×640.


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