Don’t Go Into the Yard – Raven Rae



Don’t Go Into the Yard starring Raven Rae.
Raven gives an excellent performance as the terrified victim of a mysterious stalker. The scene is very well-directed and has a creepy, surreal quality which is enhanced by some eerie background music. Looking sexy as hell in a little black bikini, Raven goes into the yard, not noticing the hulking masked villain standing just an arm’s length away. While Raven relaxes in the sun, the villain spies on her. He gets dangerously close to her while he soaks a cloth. But when Raven opens her eyes, he’s gone. She walks toward the house and finds herself face to face with the madman! She runs into the bushes and hides. Suddenly, she finds that he is right behind her! Raven struggles hard as he grabs her and uses the cloth on her. Raven slows down, her eyes fluttering. She goes limp in the creep’s arms and he picks her up. He carries her to her chair and plays with her, stroking her hair and face, moving her head around and manipulating her limbs. Of course, he can’t resist fondling her sexy feet. Raven awakens, confused and frightened. She moves around the yard, wondering if the villain was real or imaginary. Suddenly, he attacks her again, clasping the cloth over her face. When Raven goes limp, the creep picks her up and carries her off. A few minutes of great outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0614

The scene is 15 minutes. The MP4 is 1920×1080.

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