Criminal Intent – Georgia Jones and Samantha Ryan


Criminal Intent starring Georgia Jones and Samantha Ryan
Two gorgeous girls are held captive by a pair of heartless criminals in this exciting crime story, which features lots of hand gagging. Samantha comes home looking hot in business skirt outfit with pantyhose and heels, and is quickly grabbed and hand gagged by a male intruder. Samantha struggles and whimpers as villain Loren ties her up. Samanthas mouth is packed with cloth and sealed with duct tape. When roommate Georgia comes home she is also grabbed and hand-gagged. Poor Samantha has to watch helplessly as her friend is bound and gagged. The girls are then left to struggle in their bondage. Later, Georgia is taken by Loren to the jewelry store where she works, so that Loren can rob it. Samantha is left tied to a chair and must endure taunting and threats by the creepy thug. Later, the sadistic villains cruelly force the terrified girls to strip each other naked, the girls tearfully comply. After their captors discuss the girls fate, Georgia and Samantha are left securely hogtied, their pleading silenced by cloth gags pulled between their teeth. The girls struggle helplessly, knowing they will be there for a long time. Scene #BG0509
34 minutes. The photo set contains 139 photos. MP4 640×480

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