Coach Chloro – Charlotte Stokely, Mary Jane Green



Coach Chloro starring Charlotte Stokely and Mary Jane Green
Innocent Charlotte is the victim of her horny coach in this sexy sleepy scene. Charlotte comes to see coach Mary Jane to talk about her problems with boys. Clearly turned on by Charlotte’s short denim shorts and skimpy top and encourages her to forget about boys. She begins to comfort Charlotte by touching her, making Charlotte very uncomfortable. The coaches advances get more intense and Charlotte steps out to use the restroom. MJ soaks a leopard print cloth in chloroform. When Charlotte returns, Mary Jane grabs her, cuffs her hands behind her and clasps the cloth over her face. Charlotte struggles as hard as she can but her eyes roll back and she passes out. MJ holds her up for a while, groping her tits and body. She places her limp victim on the couch, removes the cuff and fondles her some more. Charlotte awakens and, still dazed, she starts to stagger away. But she falls to the floor, giving MJ ample opportunity to soak the cloth and chloroform her again. She strips Charlotte naked and redresses her in a hot lingerie outfit with stockings. In a very erotic scene, MJ gropes Charlotte’s luscious body. Charlotte fully awakens and tries to escape. MJ handcuffs her again. Despite her pleading, Charlotte is chloroformed into a semi-conscious state. MJ uses a mask to attach the cloth to Charlotte’s face. While Charlotte’s eyes roll, MJ caresses her and talks to her romantically. About 4 minutes of excellent outtakes are included with the scene. Scene #KOB0568

36 minutes. The photo set has 76 photos. 1280×640

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