Captured in the Car: Danni



Captured in the Car: Danni starring Danni Rivers
Beautiful Danni is all dressed up for a party. But she’s unaware that evil Jolene has soaked a cloth and is hiding in the back seat of Danni’s car. When Danni gets in, Jolene pounces. Danni fights as much as she can but soon she gets weak and goes limp. Jolene carries Danni to the other side of the car and puts her in the passenger seat. Later, Jolene carries Danni into a house and calls her customer, telling him she has a sleeping beauty for him. The guy arrives and is thrilled to see how hot Danni is. He gropes her body and tits. Jolene holds the limp girl up for him and she can’t resist fondling her too. Danni starts to wake up and Jolene grabs the cloth. The guy gets a real treat, watching Jolene subdue the girl while he fondles her. He leaves and Jolene’s second customer arrives. He fondles Danni’s body then he removes her shoes and stockings and plays with her feet. Jolene strips Danni naked and stands her up so the guy can grope her tits, body and ass. The guy is reluctant to pay for another hour so Jolene taunts him by sensuously fondling Danni. Instead of paying, the guy hits Jolene on the head. He removes her shoes and socks then poses the girls and leaves them. About a minute of outtakes, including an alternate edit of the car scene, are included. 19 minutes. Scene #KOB0699 1920×1080 MP4

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