Captive Cop – Loren Chance and Mary Jane Green


Captive Cop starring Loren Chance and Mary Jane Green
Loren usually plays a villain, tying up our other models. But, she makes a perfect bound and gagged victim herself in this hot scene. She is a detective investigating the disappearance of some young women. But, all her snooping around gets her captured by arch-criminal Mary Jane and a male accomplice. Loren, who looks very sexy in a short skirt, blouse, pantyhose and heels, is tied up on screen by MJ. Once securely bound, she is gagged with Mary Janes pantyhose and a cloth tied over her mouth. Mary Jane has a good time tormenting the helpless detective. She opens Lorens blouse and fondles and bites her tits. She pulls her skirt up and sticks her hand down her pantyhose. Loren is told that she will be sold as a slave. In just sexy panties, she is bound standing up wither arms in straps and her ankles cuffed. A large ballgag silences her pleading. Mary Jane continues to fondle and torment her. Some painful nipple clamps are applied to Lorens sensitive nipples. Finally, a spandex hood is pulled over Lorens head and she is lead off on a leash to a life of slavery. Scene #BG0439
22 minutes. MP4 640×480

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