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All Undressed and No Place to Go – Angie Savage

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All Undressed and No Place to Go starring Angie Savage
Gorgeous blond Angie is really excited about a party she is going to. Looking sexy in jeans, tight top and heels, she yaps away on the phone, telling her friend about the new dress she bought. She talks so much she does not even hear the burglar who sneaks in and douses a cloth with chloroform. When Angie hangs up, the guy pounces, clasping the cloth over her mouth and nose. Angie puts up a struggle but she is overcome by the fumes and she slips into unconsciousness. Lying limp on the couch, Angies body is manipulated and played with. The guy fondles her ample tits and her slim body. Still unsatisfied, he strips her naked and carries her in his arms out of the room. Angie is carried into the bedroom and dropped on the bed. Left alone, Angie awakens and, not knowing what happened, she decides to get ready for the party. She staggers to a couch and, with great difficulty, manages to put her dress on. She staggers down some stairs but the guy is waiting and he knocks her out with chloroform again. He carries her upstairs and plops her down on the bed. Removing her dress, he fondles her body all over, then leaves her there. Later, Angie awakens and, still oblivious to what has happened, she staggers into the bathroom to do her make up. The criminal appears behind her and uses the chloroform to knock her out again. Angie is carried, over the guys shoulder, to a couch. Once again, the creep takes the opportunity to fondle his helpless victim. Angie wakes up and thinks the guy is going to the party with her. But, he wants to continue their private party so he places the chloroform soaked cloth over her face and puts her to sleep again.  Scene #KOB0268
20 minutes.  The photo set contains 165 photos. MP4 640×480

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